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Improving Pipeline Management
with Automation

VanGuard Pipeline Inspection LLC is a technology company serving the oil and gas industry. Located at the Maple Lake Municipal Airport (KMGG) in Maple Lake, MN, our staff equips pipeline owners and operators with the aerial tools necessary to inspect and find methane gas leaks, ensuring compliance with regulations using the latest airborne sensors. 


Our technology on your fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters allows for the most efficient and cost-effective means for monitoring pipeline integrity. We believe we can help you and would like to show you how.

Operational Excellence


Meet the Founders



Nate is a St. John’s University graduate with a BA in Business Management, and excels in energy trading and marketing roles. From managing railcar logistics to now serving as President of Interstate Energy Partners, he brings extensive expertise in Frac Sand and Propane wholesale supply, showcasing leadership in asset ownership, marketing, and strategic ventures.



James has mastered obtaining and processing aerial imagery using a variety of sensors on a combination of blimps, helicopters, drones and fixed wing aircraft. As a pilot over the years, he has accumulated more than 11,000 flight hours in various aircraft around the country. James has designed, built and certified numerous sensor platforms for use on fixed wing aircraft.

VP Ops


Tom is a 40-year veteran of the energy industry. Throughout his career, Tom has held senior leadership positions with a wide array of companies, primarily responsibile for the areas of supply, distribution, and marketing of natural gas liquids, products, and related services. Tom has served on the Board of Directors of a number of energy-related commercial organizations as well as the MPA and the MNPEPSC.


Vanguard in the News

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